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Culture Appropriation 101 with the Kardashians

Lipkits, rappers, and black athletes have all been used to position the Kardashians as the “it” girls of pop culture which is run by urban culture.  If their fans haven’t gotten irritated by Kylie and Kendall transposing their image on the images of rock legends, or irritated with Kylie starring in a Pepsi commercial that mocked the black lives matter movement, then perhaps they will finally be upset  with Khloe standing over an androgynous Slick Woods in a picture that screams white superiority in volumes. I may be the only one who is bold enough to say it, but it reeks of Trump’s slight, “look at my African American.”

I know it can’t be just me feeling sick looking at this picture of the bald headed black girl adoringly stroking Khloe’s leg while she looks down on her. We all know from an artistic perspective positioning in pictures is key. If you want to assert dominance you stand above and look down on someone.  Bowing ones head is a sign of submission.

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