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You Picking The Rock Or Tyrese? #MLL006

Episode #6

Christal is extremely contagious with possibly the Zika virus

B-Honest and Kevin inform Christal that the object of her affection watches porn. She disagrees with the guys but is considering getting plastic surgery even if it means possibly getting botched.

B-Honest defends Tyrese’s recent exploits of the feminine kind. B-Honest says fathers have a right to cry for their daughters even if someone is blowing their back out sexually.

Kevin is confused by B-Honest’s admission but gloats a bit since he is certifiably the healthiest person in the room. B-Honest reiterates that chicken is delicious.

Kevin presents the first 5 steps to becoming a healthy eater.

  1. Make it taste good
  2. Try one recipe per week
  3. Don’t do everything at once
  4. Cook from scratch
  5. Forgive Yourself

Trick Or Trash #MLL005

Episode #5

Kevin, B-Honest, & Christal collectively suck at Halloween but at least Kevin tries.

B-Honest and Christal agree that his past rendition of Dave Chapelle as Rick James was a hit. Kevin still wants dollars from everyone that think he looks like Dave Chappelle or the lawyer dude on Power.

Christal tries to prove men’s inability to please their mate results in less sex and a backed up prostate. B Honest counters her argument claiming women bring more trash to the bedroom, but he still won’t get his prostate checked unless his doctor is a petite Asian woman with tiny fingers.

He also isn’t buying the idea that Cardi B is to 2017 what the Beatles were to the 60’s. He wants her Rolling Stone cover rescinded.

Christal points out Kevin’s hypocrisy at shaving his head but not his beard for no shave November.

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Til Death Do I Pay #MLL004

Episode #4

Christal has Gabrielle Union’s back on sexual reciprocity but she isn’t down with eating groceries.

Kevin is donating $1 to the kids if you think he looks like Dave Chapelle.

Christal asks who benefits more in marriage women or men and the guys both suggest wives are set up to emasculate husbands.

B-Honest reminds everyone of the old days when wives didn’t have opinions or the ability to talkback. Christal disagrees and he responds with off color sexists jokes.

Behind the scenes pre show footage

Sluts Need Love And Good Girls Go To Bed Early #MLL003

Episode #3

Kevin is jealous of his counterparts in the beard game matters group but disguises it as beard shaming. He decides to pick his queen from the streets of Amber Rose’s slut walk.

Christal admits to being a lame because she is the one chick that slept through party nights in college. B-Honest confesses to going to a male revue. The group decides women should never leave a rich man’s pockets for a poor man with an ultimatum.

Christal gloats after the poll results prove women prefer security to good sex. B-Honest claims that the poll was rigged the gender is confused.

WashingWhite With The Kardashians #MLL002

Episode 2

Kevin likes his Waffle House hash browns with a little Mary Jane on the side.Christal is upset about Khloe

Kardashian’s recent Good American ad, but says black folks went too far with Dove.

B Honest demands commercial success for rapper Big Krit; and also wants women to accept lab created diamonds; Christal is appalled.

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