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#Beardgamematters: Proving women like eye candy too!

I’m so glad a creative sister with a non-profit spirit created the #BeardGameMatters Facebook group. I admit I wasn’t aware of the blessed site until one of my girlfriends added me to the group and warned me to be careful. I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to see when I clicked on the link but when I did, I was ever so thankful that Saptosa Foster is such a great friend.

Before I go any further, I want to make sure you all know that Brian and Kevin are haters of the #beardgamematters movement. As the only female in our group, I’m constantly amazed that men think it’s perfectly normal to salivate and objectify women on the daily but the minute we acknowledge as women that we enjoy looking at a nice pair of shoulders, some nice arms and Lawd have mercy a well groomed beard, then all of a sudden “Women are perverts!” Excuse me?

Just because women have the ability to enjoy a man’s appearance along with the rest of his accomplishments does not mean that we don’t absolutely enjoy a good looking man. I for one am happy that this Facebook group has finally brought to light the fact that women enjoy eye candy just as much as men. The only difference is that we as women aren’t as easily distracted by a good-looking man as men are by good-looking women. Yes ladies we can enjoy the fine specimen and keep it moving….however tempting it may be.

Now beards are special because not only do they frame a man’s face in a complimentary way but it also makes them look manly. At a time when men are looking more and more like women, it’s refreshing for us to see a quality that is inherently male. Yes ladies like to look at something that is so deliciously manly, it makes us feel like we’ll be ravished in a testosterone-induced passionate embrace. Just being honest, that’s what we think when we see the beard. We’re imagining it against our cheeks and later ….well you get the picture.

For years men have assumed that because women are able to take in the entire package, that means that we are OK with Dad bodies, small penises and skinny legs with pot bellies. The truth is we are not OK with it, but we deal with it and on most occasions we can be faithful because we focus on the entire man and not just his physical. (If we do cheat, we do it better than men but that’s an entirely different subject.)

I would encourage all the women reading this to quickly join the group before it’s closed. The membership is almost at one million women already. This should show people how starved women are to actually enjoy a good looking man.

I look forward to hearing your comments during the show and in the meantime I’m looking for some beard growth oil so that I can get my boyfriend’s beard to grow in so I can enjoy this at the crib. I can’t keep looking at all this fineness without trying to implement this in my home on the regular.

See you guys on Wednesday October 4th! 🙂


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